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Our details are:
Chamber of Commerce number: 60482257
RSIN number: 8539.29.944
IBAN: NL80 TRIO 0784912025
Business location: Wageningen

Together for a better world

Usawa is Swahili for Balance. Our foundation aims to bring more balance. We want to do that by helping the poorest people on earth. A trip to Africa is not necessary to know that there is still poverty and famine. People are dying every day from malnutrition or malaria. We bring change in southern Tanzania.

Targeted aid based on knowledge

One of the team members of Usawa has worked a long time in remote areas of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Somalia) and studied the local problems.

Therefore we have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely still help is needed. Therefore, we wish to contribute through the foundation to the basic necessities like water, in a poor area in Tanzania. By providing targeted aid, based on good knowledge of local needs. Our strength lies in the small-scale approach. This makes the transition to self-sufficiency is smaller. More information can be found at Olivier de Schutter, the UN envoy for human rights, Food Souverenity.

Along with everyone from Usawa we are committed to bring our goals to a good result.

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Usawa team

This is the team of Usawa.

From left to right:
Carolina Giesen (founder)
Suur Maj Zonneveld (chairman)
Ronald Taal (treasurer / secretary)

giesen  zonneveld  taal