Vision and mission

We believe everyone in the world should have access to safe and clean drinking water, basic health care and healthy nutrition. In southern Tanzania, where people have to walk an average of 9 km for a jerry can (contaminated) water, we will, in cooperation with the local community, build water supplies, tackle malaria problems, set up vegetable gardens and tilapia hatcheries. Working towards better living conditions for the poorest people on earth.

We know the local customs and speak Swahili, making communication easier.

Content of the policy

  • The way the foundation raises funds
  • The management of the capital of the foundation
  • Spending the funds of the foundation
  • The work that the foundation does

In the villages where USAWA Foundation is active:

  • Provide clean and safe drinking water by means of installation and maintenance of drinking water facilities.
  •  With aid from local volunteers we hand out food in schools, so at least the children get a decent meal.
  • Provide people the necessary resources so that they can provide as much as possible for themselves. That is, knowledge about farming, setting up vegetable gardens and help with materials such as simple hand tools, irrigation, fertilizer and seeds.
  • We distribute mosquito nets, explane how to use them  and, if needed,  support with installation.
  • To heal people who are suffering from the effects of malaria.

The way the institution raises money

  • Advertisement
  • Via social media
  • By presentations
  • By handing out flyers
  • An ambassador approaching companies, institutions and individuals etc.

The management of the capital of the institution

The collected funds are managed on a corporate account in the name of foundation Usawa. The treasurer shall ensure that this is done correctly.

Spending capital

  • The purchase of all materials and goods necessary to achieve our goals
  • A portion is set aside to ensure the continuity of the work, to enable expansion of operations and other future releases.
  • Travel costs of staff (volunteers themselves pay the expenses for airfare to Tanzania and back).
  • Food and residence of volunteers
  • Malaria prophylaxis for all staff (including volunteers) of Usawa who are not from the region
  • Payment of employees. In terms of remuneration, we are not very generous. With us, the goal is most important.