Because of drought or too much rain, the crop yields varies. We help here by distributing the principal foods, such as flour, dried beans and oil.
We also make sure that in schools a varied diet will be distributed, and not just a bowl of rice, if anything at all.

Vegetable Gardens

In addition, we help to set up vegetable gardens so people are able to provide in their own food. We support the aid of irrigation, hand tools, seeds and fertilizer. We help by education of the local people about agriculture, creation of gardens and drying and storing the harvest.

Tilapia farms

An important, even essential part of our food should consist of protein. Often, what little food there is, is unbalanced. The consequences are stunted growth and hunger edema. The solution is a varied diet, which contains adequate protein.

Therefore, besides the vegetable gardens, we construct basins for Tilapia as well . Our Tilapia eat almost entirely vegetarian food, mainly duckweed from our own nursery. This in contrast to regular nurseries whose main ingredient for food is fish from the sea. Therefore we do not contribute to overfishing.


With this we work towards self-sufficiency and self-reliance as much as possibele.  With your help we can help more children to first necessities of life such as anti-malarial medicin, food and clean drinking water .