Every day we need water. In Tanzania it means a daily hike of 9 km to fetch water. Sometimes that drinkingwater is polluted and unhealthy.

We change that by constructing water points so that clean drinking water is accessible to more people. By doing this we not only prevent diseases, but also prevent that drinking water is sold at a profit to the poor. Most people don’t have money for this.


We install durable and low-maintenance water pumps. We do regular checks and when it’s needed we can repair them ourselves.

Manual drilling

The drilling we do by hand! So no expensive drilling equipment that is sensitive to interference, but a simple technique. In this way the villagers themselves can contribute to the construction.


For villages close to the water, we can filter the water for little money, in partnership with the local people. In this way, river water or water from a lake, is converted into clean drinking water.

Rainwater harvesting systems

Southern Tanzania has two rainy seasons, from April to about mid-June and from October to November. During the rainy season there is a lot of rain.
We focus on making reservoirs, so rainwater can be used as drinking water supply.


By means of reverse osmosis , we can daily purify very large quantities of sea water to healthy drinking water. We  build these facilities our selves and also do the maintainance..